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No matter how much money you earn

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There are no secrets to getting rich overnight, but there are some proven systems that can help you get rich.

The reality is that everyone has the same opportunity to be rich. Some may face greater obstacles than others. But the opportunity is there for everyone to seize.

Have you ever wondered why some people are rich, and others are not? Mostly it’s because of their lifestyle and mindset.

Many people spend their entire lives lamenting the situation in which they were born, while others strive every day to change it, and that differentiates us.

Also, they still believe in easy money and that everything is a matter of luck. That is why there are still companies that steal money from others by promising to double it in a week. …

Even not everyone will be interested in everything you have to say

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There is a debate between people who say you should write about yourself and those who say it is not feasible. I have read many essays from people who say that you should not write about yourself because readers are not interested in knowing personal things about you, they are interested in knowing how to solve their “own problems”.

Here’s why they’re wrong

When you write, you need to express inspiration, emotions, and knowledge. Stephen Moore said that people will believe what you want to transmit if you put some value on your words. …

How to not waste your energy and time

A group of people working on what looks like a marketing strategy on a table. You can only see arms, pens and data sheets.
A group of people working on what looks like a marketing strategy on a table. You can only see arms, pens and data sheets.
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How do you promote your blog in a way that gives you a good audience?

This is a frequent question that most writers ask themselves at least one time in their writing life, myself included.

When I started writing and earning money from what I wrote, the idea of gaining followers, and having a lot of people read my content and was incredible. In my excitement of being a beginner, I began to try different forms of promotion.

Currently, I know which ones definitely do not work.

For that reason, I’m going to explain to you what strategies I did without any results so that you don’t waste your energy, time, or even your money. …

Whoever tells you otherwise is lying.

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Eight months ago, I started writing on Medium with zero writing experience before.

In fact, I don’t even know English. I was finishing an English course, and I wanted to continue practicing my knowledge and keep improving.

Before that, I had never in my life spoken “professionally” in English. The only experience I had ever had with people was ordering a coffee when I went on vacation.

Also, my first posts were crap.

Anyone who enters now and reads them would think why someone who writes like that would want to start a writing career?

Eight months later, I’m making 4 figures a month writing, and I have over +100,000 views monthly only here. …

This is how you will avoid losing money.

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Everybody wants to have bitcoins these days.

Many people are buying them. Youtubers, Instagramers, public figures openly say that they have bought and because “is the future.” This makes us think that maybe we are the only ones who are not in the wave.

But does this mean you should go now and buy some? No.

And the answer is pretty simple; if you don’t know how it works, you should not be sure it will rise just because some influencers told you this.

People are investing in bitcoins only because everybody is doing it, not because they are interested in knowing the market. …

We are not designed to be always happy

Photo by Fernando Cabral from Pexels

The other days I received a comment from a person in an article he wrote about how to avoid negative thoughts: “It is impossible for someone to always be happy, so this article will not help me”. After a lot of research, I realize that unfortunately, he was right.

Even if we want to, human beings cannot always be happy and with good self-esteem. No matter how well life is going, there will always be a day when we don’t feel up to it or don’t feel like we’re doing the right thing, and that’s normal.

You will find a multitude of books, articles, videos, and courses on how to improve your self-esteem. Unfortunately, most of them are based on ideas that have shown no real efficacy. In fact, some of them are even bad advice that will affect mental health. …

Let’s use this inevitable process to our advantage

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Many people think that arguing is the principal reason people break up.

But it’s not like that.

It is not the number of conflicts, but how we behave during them. Sometimes the emotions dominate us and we use accusatory language. We lose our nerves and say things without thinking that we later regret.

That is why it is extremely important to learn to resolve conflicts without hurting ourselves. It may not be possible to agree at that moment, but at least let’s not compromise the future of a relationship.

At the workplace level, many people also believe that arguing with the boss about a disagreement can get you fired. …

5 things to avoid if you don’t want to lose your money

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Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

Currently, everybody is talking about cryptocurrencies.

The taxi driver talks about Bitcoins; the butcher talks about Bitcoins; even the porter talks about Bitcoins.

Everyone will get rich and achieve financial freedom by investing in cryptocurrencies. Seriously?

Many people made money from this; I’m not saying that is not possible. But likewise, some learned the hard way the two lessons that every trader should know: Until you have sold, you have not won anything.

Trading is a zero-sum business; others have lost everything while one person earns.

And I consider that most people are losing money for a fundamental reason. They invest only because everybody is doing it, not because they are interested in knowing the market. …

You never go back to who you were before a relationship

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I want to be what I was before I was with him.”

These were the words I said when my boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up when I was in college.

Go back is one of the most common things we say when we go through a breakup, we believe that we need to return to who we were before being in a serious relationship.

But this is not possible.

When I started with my boyfriend, we were in high school, and we ended up in college. …

Not receiving views doesn’t mean that you are a good or a bad writer

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Have you ever entered an article because everyone has been talking about it to realize that there is nothing amazing about it? Surely you have thought, “I write much better than him and I don’t have as many visits on my profile”.

Relax, it’s normal. The principal problem is to believe that we do not have visitors because we are not good writers. But that an article going viral has much more to do than just knowing how to write.

We all want to receive visits for the articles we write, but not all of us know how to do it. Writing for a blog is not the same as writing for other traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, or books. …

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